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Are you looking for Appliance Repairs in Yucaipa CA? When an appliance is down or you are in need of installation you can trust Acts Appliance Repairs in Yucaipa, CA. We are experienced technicians with over 20 years of experience serving our customers. Whether you fan motor is going out or your water inlet valve isn’t working properly. We have the knowledge, licenses, and attitude to quickly fix any broken refrigerator or household appliance. Since the start of our company we have grown to serve over 10,000 customers in the Inland Empire as well as Yucaipa, CA. There is no major brand appliance we cannot fix. As you Yucaipa CA Appliance Repair we service/repair refrigerators, commercial appliances, ovens, range/stove tops, washing machines, dryers, garbage disposals, and a range of commercial and home appliances. You call us to make your life easier. Commercial and home appliances should be repaired and installed quickly and without mess. We are BBB accredited as well as insured. We look forward to working with you!

Call us at (909) 737-6871 and we’ll send an experienced, licensed repair technician to service your commercial or household appliance today!

Appliance Repair Services near Yucaipa, CA

Exceptional Service Shouldn't Come At An Alarming Price Tag. We Can Service Your Appliances With Care And Reasonably Priced!

A broken appliance can ruin your day, weeks, or even months if they’re not repaired quickly. Residential and Commercial appliances are equally necessary. Allow us to serve you and repair/install them today!

Customer satisfaction is our name. It all begins with installation! We can install your oven quickly. We can install at your current location. No matter where you are, we can make your life easier without the hassle. 

Is your dishwasher acting up? Is the water not draining? Does it smells rotten inside like eggs over time? There may be multiple issues, but have no fear, dishwasher fixes are common and generally easy. We can help you with that! 

Have you purchased a new garbage disposal unit but don’t know how to install it? Has your motor given out but still has a whirring sound? We can help you replace or repair your garbage disposal unit today. 

Refrigerators and Freezers are the most inconvenient when they break down. Food spoils and you rush to salvage what you can. Easy fixes are common, but sometimes you need a little more. We can offer maintenance programs to extend the life of your refrigerator or we can repair what isn’t working. 

Tired of shoving your hand in the trash to smash it down for more space? Tired of reaching your hand out with food and spoils all over? Repair your trash compactor today. You can save up to 80% of trash space and time if you repair yours today.

Washing machines and dryers are not fun fixes. They require pulling the units out and taking much apart. But what is it to you! You will never know the difference once were done and have it up and running. 

Is no hot water coming from your sink? Mother’s used to tell us if the water isn’t steaming it isn’t cleaning! Allow us to repair your hot water heater today!

Major Appliance Brands We Service In Yucaipa, CA

Major appliances require major knowledge. Here is a brief look at a few home and commercial appliances our expert technicians can service.

Finding the right Yucaipa handyman

How To - Troubleshooting Six Of The Most Common Appliance Issues As Told By Your Yucaipa CA Repair Service

As much as we “should not” like, not all appliances need repairs that should costs a fortune. Not every appliance problem deserves professional repair. Repair and maintenance can easily come with your won mind and mental fortitude. Home appliances, believe it or not, may be truly easy for the average person to repair. In some cases, they may even only take a couple of minutes. Wouldn’t it be nice not to pay over $100 to have a 5 minute problem taken care of. At Acts Appliance Repairs our job is to educate you and bring about customer satisfaction. You deserve to call your appliance repair company only if you need to. But before you do, extend the life of your major appliances by following these expert tips on repairs and maintenance.

  1. How To Fix A Smelly Washing Machine. Foul odors may stretch through the door of your washing machine and into your nose. Clean clothes might be hampered by the smell and odor coming from a dirty washer machine. Your family appliance is being taken over by smells and odors. The dirt and gunk from your clothes may not fully escape the drum of the machine causing it to mold and blossom into the smells you can’t get rid of. A method of removal – start an empty load with hot water and two cups of vinegar (white) and 1/2 cup of baking soda. These compounds will mix and brush away the dirty compounds in your washer. Front-load washers incur this problem often because of the door gasket. Also, to help prevent mold and bacteria allow the door to remain open after every wash!
  2. How To Make A Warming Refrigerator Cool Again. Have you recently opened the door to drink a beverage that doesn’t satisfy your thirst during the summer? A warm drink is never optimal for satisfaction, and its a sign your refrigerator is incurring problems. This may put your food in a dangerous temperature between spoiling and getting you sick. Before you call your Acts Appliance Repairs, repair services near you man not be needed yet. You may need to clean your fridge. The Condenser Coils behind the fridge may need some cleaning. To access your condenser coils, remove your fridge and review the bottom, backside of the unit. Unplug your appliance and clean those coils with a long thistle brush. The coils, when dirty with dust or gunk, do not perform at removing heat as well. Once they are clean you should see immediate improvement. If you don’t see improvement you can call us as your appliance repair services in Yucaipa.
  3. How To Fix An Ever Clicking Igniter on Your Gas Stove/Range. I’m sure you have the problem of turning on your stove only for it to click and spew gas without lighting. A common problem is a shift in the burner cap. It is easily removable and during cleaning may be shifted incorrectly, not allowing the spark to happen because it is block. Adjust the cap and it should light. If the problem persists, maybe the igniter is dirty from cleaning products or split over water or food. Give it a clean and it should spark! Once, again if the problem persists you may need to call us to inspect a bit further. We abide by safety precautions and wouldn’t want you to disassemble the stove in any matter. We specialize in oven repairs/ stove repairs and all major appliances and charge reasonable prices. We will help with your kitchen appliance today!
  4. How To Fix An Inefficient Garbage Disposal. The everyday garbage disposal and built in breakers to prevent from an overload trip. If it overheats, runs far past operating time, or becomes clogged it will most likely shut itself off as a precaution. During most situations your unit is not broken but simply needs to be reset like your standard plug reset in your house. There is not need for expert technicians yet. Make sure the switch is toggled OFF then locate the reset button on the bottom of your unit. Turn on your garbage disposal and everything should work! If your garbage disposal is clogged with food, and you only hear a humming motor without actually grinding it up, you may have another issues. Find a hex wrench and manually turn the blades to clear the jam. The motor may not have enough power to turn the blade itself. After you clear the jam, reset the unit with the instructions above. Never shove your hands down there to fix the issue, give us a call if the problem persists if you need garbage disposal repair. We serve Yucaipa CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Redlands CA, Loma Linda CA, San Bernardino CA, Los Angeles CA, and more!
  5. How To Fix An Outlet That Doesn’t Give Power. Most kitchens and bathrooms are suited with outlets equipped with reset buttons. These are called GFCI switches to protect against wet environments which could spark fires and electric currents. All you need to do is press and hold the reset button to reset the power. At times, the breaker to the house might trip in order to offer extra protection. Be sure to reset the breaker as well if this problem persists. If the problem still is ongoing and the power will not work look to find an electrician! They would be best suited for the job.
  6. How To Fix A Washer Machine That Wobbles Left and Right. The sound of a wobbling washing machine is enough to drive anyone crazy – especially if its bedtime or you’re watching a tv show in the other room. The detergent might fall or any object you place on top. The fix may be quite easy. The legs of the machine may be plumb (meaning they are not all connecting to the floor evenly). All you have to do is align the washing machine legs accordingly. Twist each corner until it is straightened. If the problem persists or you find the legs are even the washer may be out of balance from the current load of laundry in there. Fix it by rearranging the clothes evenly. Once again in the problem persists it may indicate the drum mounts are loosening. You need an expert technician to repair that and we would be glad to serve!

Don’t Be Afraid To Call For Backup!
If you cannot fix these problems please reach out to a trained professional. If you’re looking for appliance services near you we are the perfect choice! At Acts Appliance Repairs you can schedule through phone call or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Today’s technology has included as rise and trend in front loading washers. The higher initial cost of a front loader is more daunting but in the long-run is much more energy efficient and cost saving than a top loader. After a few years of use most users are in the green in savings!

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