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Has your appliance started making troublesome noises? Are you unsure of how to troubleshoot your appliance? If you’re looking for an appliance repair company – Acts Appliance Repairs is your number one repair center for business owners and homeowners. Our appliance repairs experts have over 20 years of experience. This has led to over 10,000 customers that our expert technicians have had the pleasure of building relationships with. With certifications in numerous areas we are equipped to handle all problems. We are a family appliance company that delivers refrigerator repairs, stove repairs, washing machine repairs, oven repairs, dishwasher repairs, water heater repairs and more! Machine repairs are our specialty and we strive to make your life easy without breaking the bank. Service your home appliances today and keep them running smooth and last longer.

Call us at (909) 488-7945 and we’ll send a licensed repair technician to service your appliance today!

Appliances We Service In San Bernardino, CA

Major Appliances and Household Appliances Are No Match For Our Expert Repair.

Tired of searching for appliance repair in San Bernardino, CA? We can stop the Google searches and deliver top notch installation with our appliance installers!

Washing dishes after a long day just isn’t the same anymore. After a 9-5 the last thing you want to do is cook then clean when you have the appliance to do it. Dishwashers can be  a chefs best friend or a nightmare if it is not working properly. A broken dishwasher can be a hassle, especially if it is out of service for too long. Get it fixed today with our expert dishwasher repairs in San Bernardino. Give us a call today!

Is your motor running but nothing is being disposed? Does water flood back into the sink and not drain properly? It make be time to give us a ring! We’ll deliver an honest assessment and reasonably priced quote. 

A broken refrigerator is a nuisance. In the end you are running around to keep your food from spoiling when you could have received maintenance annually through our maintenance program.

Save up to 80% of space by compacting your trash. Landfills love at home trash compactors and so does the environment. 

If you’re laundry appliances are not working properly you may have to take trips to the local laundromat. Why do that when we can repair your appliance today!

Is your water cold? Does leaving the faucet on only for it never to warm occur? Your water heater may need service. We would be delighted to assist you!

Appliance Brands We Service In San Bernardino, CA

Major appliances cannot afford to give out on your family or your business. Here are a couple of appliance brands we service for your benefit.


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