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Are you looking for Riverside Appliance Repair? Look no further you found Riverside CA #1 Repairman of licensed technicians for over 20 years. CEO George Hallock is one of the few business owners to lead the company to trustworthy installers and appliance installers with over 10,000 satisfied customers since they started the repair company. There is no place under the sun in The Riverside County we can’t service. We are licensed and experienced in refrigerators repairs, dishwasher repairs, dryer repairs, oven repairs, microwaves repairs, water heater repairs, freezer repair, washer repair, stove repairs, range repair, and so much more. Call us today for commercial and household appliance repairs!

Call us at (909) 558-3734 and we’ll send a licensed, expert technician to your location!

Appliances We Service In Riverside, CA

Do You Have A Broken Appliance? We Have The Tools To Fix It!

Home appliances can be a drag when you don’t know how to install them. We are appliance installers for all your major appliances in Riverside, CA

We have served Riverside for many years. Dishwasher repairs is one of the top appliances that needs fixing. When you dishwasher isn’t working that means you are! We offer repair services near you so you don’t have to scrub dishes any longer. 

Did you know your garbage disposal may give out one day? Your first clue is a running motor with food not being disposed of? Water may gush back into the sink after turn on the garbage disposal. It’s time for ASAP appliance repair  for your garbage disposal!

Refrigerators repair – This is a favorite of ours because we have the opportunity to prove ourselves.  We love to save the day by making your appliance cold and efficient once again. Is your freezer too cold or lukewarm? Its time to give us  a call. 

Tasking out the trash can be  a hassle. Did you know compact trash is easier to dispose of? If you have a trash compactor just know you are saving 80% of space daily with it. If it just isn’t working quite well we can offer  repairs for trash compactors.

A broken washer machine is a nightmare. Couple that with a broken dryer and we have a real problem.  We service all appliance brands in the Riverside County. Whether the dryer doesn’t get hot anymore or soap never seems to wash out we can offer appliance repair near you. 

Is your water faucet no longer getting hot? Your water heater may be malfunctioning. Give us a call for water heater repair in Riverisde, CA

Appliance Brands We Service

The City of Riversde, Moreno Valley, And Corona have many brands. We offer repair services near you, with no brand left behind!

Finding the right Riverside, ca Repairmen.

Your Riverside Appliance Repairman's Tips For Preventavive Appliance Maintenance.

Home appliances are expensive to purchase, and you better belief will be expensive to fix whether it is oven repairs, dryer repair, refrigerators repair, washing machine repair, trash compactors repair, microwaves repair, stove repair, and so much more. When they stop working they can also cause severe inconvenience, making your day go from good to bad. There is a solution to ensuring your appliances last longer and more efficient. Our annual maintenance program is $175 a year to service and clean. This program is known to extend the life of your appliance by years, all by cleaning and servicing before any problem gets too far out of hand. Although we offer our program here is a couple tips for your own regular maintenance plan.

The Refrigerator
A fridge is opened on average of 10 times a day, making all the shifting and moving a dirty phase. It is difficult to keep the fridge clean everyday. To ensure your fridge is well-maintenance you should clean the shelves every few weeks, clean the grill on the bottom for improved airflow away from dust, and clean the coils so they may effectively cool your fridge and extend the lifetime of the appliance.If you are experiencing a sticky door, you should wipe down the fridge gasket (the rubber on the door frame) with warm soapy water and a rag. This will help clean smells away from the appliance. If your freezer does not carry a frost-free scheme, you must defrost the fridge whenever possible likely every 5-6 months. If you don’t your fridge may build up frost over time. This will in turn incur wear and tear damage.

The Dishwasher
We all wished appliances that clean could somehow clean themselves. Before you look for dishwasher repair you can try to clean the appliance yourself. During cleaning, bits of food may be trapped in a filter. Be sure to locate this filter and clean it thoroughly every month to ensure the food doesn’t continue to spoil over time and create rotten smells. Spray arms are the mist that deposits water. They can become clogged with mineral deposits. Be sure to clean the spray holes with a toothpick or a rag if you may to keep them working optimally. Hard water deposits also may be cleaned by running an empty cycle and a dishwasher cleaner specifically designed for your washer alone.

The Oven & Stove
Food building up, grease, burnt food, and more may populate the surface of your stove. Be sure to wipe it down once a week to ensure smells don’t flood the house or critters find the surface enjoyable. Make sure to clean the knobs as they incur grease and gutter as well. The burners may not ignite if debris is obstructing the path. Use a warm rag and clean the burners every so often to that ignition may occur. The inside of your oven may incur spills, leaks, and bubbling debris of food over time. Follow the instructions to your oven’s manuals to see how to self-clean the oven. If you are unsure of what to do use soapy water or a degreaser to clean the oven inside. Last but not least, be sure to clean your hood fan filter, particles collect, thus leaving it greasy. Soak it in warm soapy water and let mother nature do what it does best. Rinse thoroughly after.

The Microwave
Microwaves repair is something you most likely never would do. Many just buy another one because they are cheaper these days. We all know that microwaves can be a handful and messy from all the flying, hot food. It can be covered in many things over time. Food that has cooled may be extremely difficult to wipe down but we have the answer. Boil a water cup with two spoons of vinegar in the microwave and take it out as it begins to boil. Open the microwave and clean the inside to experience a much easier time cleaning.

Once all of your appliances are clean you will be able to enjoy them now that they are fresh. If you need a vent cleaned, an air duct cleaned, a fridge serviced, and more be sure to call your Riverside Repair Company today. Acts Appliance services all major brands and major appliances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers for your Riverside, Ca Appliance Repair Company

Our headquarters is based out off Redlands, CA. The Riverside County branch is a direct stem. 

Our employees work for the company and are both licensed and insured. We do not hire contractors. Our in-house experienced technicians have been with the company since its inception and can service appliances along with heating and air conditioning. 

Your refrigerator is a closed system. Freon should never be added or taken from the fridge unless there is a leak or a problem elsewhere. If you are finding the need to do so we may need to trouble shoot the issue. We offer repair services in Riverside, CA and can definitely take a look for you. 

First, we must inspect the problem. Upon inspection we will give you an estimate with our services and parts. No one job is the same and it would be unfair to try to answer this not knowing any details. We do believe we are reasonably priced and provide honest and ethical work. 

Yes, we do offer an annual maintenance plan. For $175 a year we can service three appliances of your choice. Additional appliances will be charged additionally. For more information give us a call at (909) 588-3734.


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