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If an appliance is in need of service or installation we’re here to help. Schedule with us so we may be of service.

About yOUR rEDLANDS repairmen

Acts Appliance Repairs Is The Inland Empire’s Trusted group of licensed technicians for over 20 years. Starting out as your Redlands, CA Appliance Repair, we have steadily built impressionable customers with amazing relationships. Over 10,000 satisfied customers have been served with a 90% satisfaction rating. Our experienced technicians are licensed in multiple areas of expertise. We are equipped with knowledge to handle all major brand appliances fast, efficient, and without a mess. We proudly install and service/repair refrigerators, commercial appliances, ovens, range/stove tops, washing machines, dryers, garbage disposals, and a range of commercial and home appliances. Commercial and home appliances deserve to be serviced quickly and efficiently. As your BBB Accredited Business our goal is to provide expert tips and quality repair to increase the life of your appliances. Home improvement doesn’t stop at remodeling.   

Call us at (909) 737-6850 and we’ll send a licensed repair technician to service your appliance today!

Appliance Repair Services Near Redlands, CA

We Have The Right Power Tools And Knowledge To Service, Repair, and Install All Commercial And Residential Appliances

Stop watching repair videos or following blogs and forums for refrigerator troubleshooting. You have enough to worry about in your day. Put the worries on our shoulders and we’ll fix the problem for you whether its a Whirlpool refrigerator or a water heater!

In need of appliance installation in Redlands, CA? We can install all appliances from a refrigerator whether its a household or commercial. 

Dishwashers relieve the stress of having to wash dishes by hand or consume time cleaning up. A broken dishwasher can be a pain and repairing them are one of the few appliances that are easier to fix. Acts Appliance Repair in Redlands, CA can easily fix your problem from leaks and drains problems. You deserve quality machine repairs that extend the life of your appliance.

Does your garbage disposal turn on, but not work properly? Does water gush back into your sink upon switching on the power? if so there may be a number of problems we can inspect and have fixed in no time. We’ll give you our honest assessment and estimate the same day! 

If your refrigerator is down we’re pretty sure this is the worst appliance not to work. Food spoils. People have to eat out instead of enjoying fresh food. Refrigerators can be troublesome, but luckily you Appliance Repairs in Redlands CA is here to help. We have solutions and licenses to fix all major appliance brand refrigerators. 

Taking out the trash in lengthy at times. The bag is big and there is so much more space to fit trash into but sticky your hand isn’t the cleanliest way to do so. Trash compactors are convenient ways to save time and space, but when they stop working so does efficient garbage disposal. 80% of garbage space is saved from having a trash compactor. Let us get yours back up and running. 

Laundry, whether personal or commercial, is a weekly chore that doesn’t deserve to be interrupted. For washer and dryer repair we cover all solutions for all problems. We understand getting your machine back up and running is a necessity and act accordingly. We offer service appointments that will match your hours as best we can. We also offer maintenance programs to service and clean your machines throughout the year!

Water heater repair in Redlands Ca is our job! We repair, service, and replace/install commercial and tankless water heaters. You deserve to heave warm water when you’d like! Have Acts Appliance Repair in Redlands CA serve you today!

Major Appliance Brands We Service In Redlands Ca

Major appliances require major knowledge. Here is a brief look at a few home and commercial appliances our expert technicians can service.

Finding the right redlands Repairmen

Finding The Right Redlands, CA Appliance Repair Company In Your Area.

Machine repairs are tedious, generally expensive, and time consuming. Whether your refrigerator, wine cooler, freezer is in need of repair or a water heater the task of finding someone to fix it can be daunting. There are plenty of options to choose from on Google, Yelp, and even the old fashioned phone book. What appliance repair company is the best and how do we find them? We selecting expert technicians in Redlands CA it is important to look for a few signs before you call a repair center for major appliances. Business owners do their best to promote their services, but we’ve compiled a list of checks before selecting your Redlands Appliance Repair. We don’t want you to be ripped off with cheap parts, over-priced services, or bad customer service.

  1. Ask Friends and Family For Recommendations and A Referral. Word of mouth is generally the best selling point for appliance repair in Redlands. The information a colleague gives is to be trusted and welcomed with warm arms. Ask them how their water heater is doing after their service. Was the service reasonably priced? Did the repair and maintenance go smoothly? Are they completley happy with their service, professional business tendencies, billing, etc? Services tend to be duplicated and if they had a good experience conventional wisdom says you will as well.
  2. Review their License and Insurance. This doesn’t mean inspect their actual license, but look online to see if they have their license on their website. Our license numbers are BEAR A46351 and CSLB 972925, which are available online as consumer information. Too often do “repairman” have businesses, but no license. This creates many red flags as the services many not be handled properly and create a hazardous living environment.
  3. Visit The Company Website Or Ask Their Length Of Business. The number of years appliance repairs experts are in business is a major indicator they conduct healthy business practices. Local business reviews and length display great practices and often times attention to detail and a value on customer satisfaction. If they are focused on home improvement they are more likley to last in the industry and truly service the customers’ needs.
  4. Review Business Review Directories. Don’t just review Google for riverside ca appliance repair or Redlands California garbage disposal repair. Click into Yelp or the Yellowpages and see what people are saying. If a business isn’t populated over the internet it may indicate a fraud business or a business without experience or a license. Explore the internet and see how thorough their history and footprint is.
  5. Beware of Ads. Ads indicated money being spent, and the higher the money being spent on ads is the more fees you will get charged for your services to pay for those ads. You want to find repair in Redlands CA that is organically populating on the search page or have great reviews in the Google Maps area commonly called the 3-pack. Run from companies who spend massive amounts of money on ads such as Sears Appliance Repairs. For the same washing machine repair you will often pay double for the same service!
  6. Ask To Speak To The Repair Technician. Detail what your problem is and ask them what the potential problems are. They should be able to explain to you the possibilities and parts necessary if applicable. A red flag should arise if they refuse to speak with you. They may just want to take your money for the parts and dish out before they are caught as phonies. Believe us, this happens far too often than not. This leaves people searching for an appliance store trying to fix the problem themselves which leads to the problem going unresolved. Ask the name of the repairman then ask them about the dryer vent. Ask them about trash compactors if that is the problem. Ask for information of the ice maker if need be. If you are asking for freezer repairs or range repair tell them the make and model of the unit and see what their potential solutions may be before you schedule an appointment.
  7. Check Reviews For Redlands CA Repairman. This could have been the first thing you did but truly look at reviews. Google and Yelp are great places to start. If you are looking for dishwasher repair in your area look at the reviews. Find what people are saying and do your best to spot fake reviews that have no detail to them. Avoid friend generated reviews that only have 5-stars and no details about service. Reviews for happy or displeased customers will generally be over 250 words.

Our Certifications For Redlands Appliance Repair

Redlands, CA Appliance Repair
Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers for your Redlands Ca Appliance Repair Company

Our headquarters are based out of Redlands, Ca. Yes, we are localy-owned with 20+ years of experience. 

All of our employees are licensed and insured accordingly. We do not contact or hire temporary employees. We love building company culture and rapport. Our servicemen are here to stay and serve!

This question can go many ways. For dryer repairs and garbage disposal repairs, the answer is generally fix it then move on. For refrigerators the answer can get a little tricky. Often times one problem means there are a few more problems oncoming. Nevertheless our job is to extend the life of your Redlands Appliance. It is more economical to fix it than buy a new unit. 

Generally, once we fix your appliance it should recover its half-life and work fine for years to come. Being cost-effective means plenty to us and our customers. 

Freon should never be added or taken away from a refrigerator because it is a closed system. If you are running low – would imply you have a leak and it must be sealed and replaced. Pricing depends on the amount of work required to fix the leak or other common issues. 

This question has no straightforward answer. Time, parts, type of job done, and so many more factors go into giving you a reasonably priced service. Our goal is to be honest and transparent with you regarding our services. Before we can give you an estimate we must inspect the appliance and determine the best course of action for you and the appliance. 

On average we are able to get there within 24 hours of the call placed. Sometimes, it may take a day or two to find a schedule that works for both us and the customer. During busy times that may increase to around a week. Whatever the case is, please call us as soon as the problem occurs so we may give an estimate and order parts, which absorbs much of the time of the repair. 

Yes! We offer a one time fee a year of $175 for our maintenance program. This includes inspection and cleaning of your appliances in your home at least once a year. This is an excellent deal as it will extend the life of your appliances and reduce costs in the long-run. Call us at (909) 754-2096 to enroll in our maintenance program. 

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