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Are you in the Inland Empire in cities such as Riverside, CA, San Bernardino, CA, Redlands, CA, or Beaumont, CA? Are you having oven or stove problems? When your oven, stove or range breaks, it can impact your day to day cooking and food preparation routine. If you’re in need of reliable range repair services, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Not only might you end up wasting time, but you could end up making the problem worse and spending more money as a result. We pride ourselves on offering quick and timely repairs, and we’re equipped to handle a wide range of brands and models. Best of all, we keep our rates reasonable and affordable while offering the outstanding service you deserve. The list of potential oven issues is extensive, but some common symptoms include: Oven will not turn on, The oven wont heat, the electric range won’t heat, the gas oven won’t spark, the range burners won’t turn on, the oven door wont open, the gas igniter won’t spark, the broil element won’t ignite or burns only part of the flame, the pilot flame won’t ignite, there is little or no heat coming from the oven, time clock will not move, the oven temperature does not remain steady, or is too hot, and more. Oven repairs can cost you your meals and inconvenienvce your way of life for some time. We are an appliance repair company able to fix the job with ease and cleanliness. If your burner wont light we can fix that for you! There is no need to stress. We can handle that. We practice oven dissaembly and reassembly so caring for the problem won’t be an issue. If you believe that your oven is damaged, call Acts Appliance Repairs today to schedule a meeting with an experienced technician. We’ll work swiftly and efficiently to get you using your oven again.

Oven Repair

Is electric or gas oven producing inconsistent temperatures? Is the oven door jammed or the gas won't ignite? We have the solutions for the repair.

Stove top repair

Will the flame not produce? Does the gas igniter not work? Give us a call as your Inland Empire Oven Repair

Oven/Stove Range For Repair
range repair

The flame won't light or the timer on the clock won't turn? We have the tools and the oven parts to fix these!


We offer a yearly maintenance program. Call us and find out more!

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Machine repairs can be exhausting to figure out. Put the burden on our shoulders and trust us as your #1 Inland Empire Appliance Repairman.

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sTOVE Brands We Service In The Inland Empire, CA

Major appliances require major knowledge. Here is a brief look at a few home and commercial appliances our expert technicians can service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers for garbage disposal repair

Stove repair can be an easy or difficult issue. All major appliances have easy fixes. If this issue occurs, please make sure you are using the correct burner. The most common issue is the burner cap. If if is adjusted incorrectly, the burner won’t light. If the burner is also dirty more than likely it will not start. Be sure to clean the igniter with a clean rag. If the problem still persists with your kitchen appliance please check to see if the fuse box is okay and nothing has blown. Though this step might seem confusing, this is where we can help. Home appliances shouldn’t be hard, give us a call and we can perform our service on all major brands. 

Before you troubleshoot this kitchen appliance, please unplug from electrical outlet. The most common issue is the door. If the door is ajar the oven will most likely not start for safety reasons. Fix the door and make it sure it is in the unlocked position.  

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My oven was not working for the stove top. I typed in cooktop repair and found acts appliance right down the street. They fixed it within a day and everything is working quite well now!
Bobby Nigel
Satisfied Customer
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