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Is your garbage disposal in your kitchen sink making strange noises and failing to work as it usually goes? Is it humming and not spinning for the job? A broken garbage disposal can be a huge nuisance. The sink drain will not work properly and you may incur backflow. Plumbing repair is the option for a clogged garbage disposal. If you need garbage disposal or dishwasher repairs in a hurry, the team to trust in Inland Empire, CA is Acts Appliance Repairs. As an established appliance repair company, we have the tools and skills to get your garbage disposal up and running again. If you’re like most people, you probably use your garbage disposal on a regular basis when you’re cooking and cleaning up after meals. And you’ve probably come to rely on your garbage disposal to make daily life more convenient. If you drain trap is clogged the food waste might back up into your sink. If you disposal is jammed or your disposal is leaking there might be damage to the cabinet below or floor, so it’s important to fix right away. The bottom of the unit houses the motor and its important to fix it before the water pipe bursts or the unit burns out. So if your unit has stopped working the way it should, there’s no reason to subject yourself to the aggravation that comes with having a key appliance break. We’ll repair your garbage disposal jam whether the drain is clogged or the mounting screws are loose. Garbage disposal leaks can cause structural damage so its important to have it fixed. Just call our team, and we’ll get your unit working properly again. Contact us now for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Looking for a high powered garbage disposal? We can recommend one for your home improvement and install one with top of the line mounting screws.


Is fixing your garbage disposal not applicable? If the disposal is leaking it may be the time to replace your unit. We can help with that!

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If the drain is clogged there may be a water leak soon? A disposal jam can ruin your day. Fixing your garbage disposal is a must. We'll remove the foreign objects blocking your disposal and fix it for you!


Hearing strange noises like a scary movie? Give us a call and we'll give you an estimate on the problem.

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Garbage Disposal Brands We install and repair In The Inland Empire

Major appliances require major knowledge. Here is a brief look at a few home and commercial appliances our expert technicians can service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers for garbage disposal repair

This might mean the motor is jammed, most likely. There may be a surplus of food. You may attempt to turn the blades yourself with a wrench to unclog and give the motor some space to operate. If this doesn’t work give us a call!

If it is leaking please turn off the power. You don’t want water on the electrical work surrounding the unit. The seal may be leaking and may need to be replaced. Pipes called the waste water pipes may need to be tightened or reinstalled with new screws and bolts. If you are unsure of what to do please give us a call.

Before we consider it dead and broken, we may need to review the wiring. Sometimes, you may need to press the reset button located on the bottom of the unit to get it back up an running. If the unit is old it may have served its time and it is time to replace it. Before we do, we will inspect the wiring and ensure all can be done before replacement. 

This normally means you have food backed into the piping. Greasy or fatty foods can clog your pipes, but we carry the tools to unblock them with ease. Before you call us, you may want to try a liquid like Drain-O to see if that unclogs the garbage disposal unit. 

This happens when objects like spoons or bones are dropped in the garbage disposal. Simply remove them and most likely that will fix the problem. .

You you hear a loud shrieking noise like this, your bearing on the motor may be failing. We advise to turn it off immediately and give us a call. 

This would mean the wiring is faulty. Not your fault or an electricians, but sometimes wires loosen. You should schedule an appointment so we can see where the faulty wiring has occurred. 

Our clients say

George did an outstanding job. The disposal humming was driving us crazy. The water wouldn't drain or the food. We hit the reset button and it didn't work. Our clogged sink was apparently blocked with greasy food in the piping. George was quick in fixing the drain clog. I would definitely use him again should I need appliance service.
Belle Scott
Satisfied Customer
Fixing your garbage disposal seems easy until it isn't. I tried all of the troubleshooting blogs told me about but it was time to have it fixed by a repairman. These gentlemen fixed the drain trap not allowing the extra food to drain properly. Everything was easy and reasonably priced. I would recommend them to family and friends!
Ana Wright
Satisfied Customer
We bought a new garbage disposal and didn't know how to do garbage disposal installation. We called Acts Appliance and they installed it within hours of arriving. Barely noticed they came to the house!
Barbara Sanders
Satisfied Customers
My motor seemed to have died in my garbage disposal. George came out and showed me it wasn't broken, just needed to be reset. He gave me easy step by step to hit the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and it was working. He barely charged me everything because it was so easy. I insisted I paid him gas and he accepted on my behalf. Stand up guy and amazing character.
Paul Ramon
Satisfied Customers
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