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Has a key appliance started showing signs of wear and tear? Is your business dependent on working appliances? When an appliance stops working, it can bring business to a halt. When these problems occur you need an Appliance Repair Company ASAP. At Acts Appliance Repairs & Installation, our specialty is commercial appliance repair, and our mission is to save you the hassle and cost of replacing broken appliances when sometimes all that’s needed is a little tweaking to get them running again. As business owners ourselves we understand the important of working tools and resources. Our estimates are reasonable priced with upfront pricing. We are quick and efficient as well as friendly and knowledgeable to handle the problem. Customer satisfaction is our game. We’ll have you back up and running in no time. Is your stove not working? We’ll fix your oven quickly so get your food business back to feeding your customers. Is the thermostat not working and your refrigerator getting warm? Our experienced technicians understand repair and maintenance like the back of their hand. As commercial repair specialists we will service business washing machines, dryer repairs, dryer vents, trash compactors, garbage disposal, refrigerator repairs, dishwasher repairs, ice makers, microwave ovens, freezer repairs, and commercial washers and dryers. We believe in going the extra mile to serve our customers’ needs. When you call on us, our repair technicians will take the time to diagnose the problem at hand and implement an effective fix. We want you to come away more than satisfied with our service; and our courteous, professional repair team wants nothing more than to help you salvage the appliances you already own. Don’t run to replace your failing appliances. For more information about our commercial appliance repair services or to schedule an estimate for your business, call Acts Appliance Repairs today.

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair

Is the ice maker giving you trouble? Is the refrigerator warm and the freezer too cold? Give us a call and we'll fix everything quick and efficient.

Dishwasher Repair

Is there unclean water still left in your finished load? Is hot water not dispensing? Our experienced technicians can help you with that!

Stainless Steel Refrigerator That Needs Repair
Oven, Stove ANd Range repair

Is your commercial stove not igniting? Your customers deserve to be fed and not have to wait for their meals.

Garbage disposal Repair

Is your food not going down? Is your sink overflowing with food? Allow us to unclog your sink and bring life about your business.

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Commercial machine repairs can be exhausting to figure out. Put the burden on our shoulders and trust us as your #1 Inland Empire Appliance Repairman.

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Commercial Appliances We Repair and Install In The Inland Empire, CA

Major appliances require major knowledge. Here is a brief look at a few home and commercial appliances our expert technicians can service.

Commercial Appliances
Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers for garbage disposal repair

Appliances that move plenty like washer machine and dryer “Hum” pretty often. All this means is they shake and might move a bit for here to there. Most of the time, we find the appliance has unplugged itself. Simply plug it back in!

There is no need for equipment repair. When it comes to commercial dishwashing or commercial laundry, we find that many people are using too much concentrated detergent. You may use much lower amounts of concentrated detergent/soap to the wash. Review your equipment manuals for your industrial appliance. This will inform you the right amount and the brand that works best with your equipment.

Kitchen equipment, especially your commercial refrigeration can be placed up against the wall, except if it has a metal grid. You then should leave a couple inches from the wall. Also,  if it doesn’t have a grid please leave a 1″ gap between the wall and your restaurant equipment. 

Equipment maintenance is extremely important. We notice the dryer vent is clogged with dust and debris upon inspection. May sure to clean out those outlets. The average load should dry around 45 minutes. If it is taking longer and you’ve checked the vents the heating element may not be working. Your industrial appliance may need certified technicians to take a look at it. Call you appliance repair technicians today!

For the most part, refrigerators are soundless machines. You never notice the noises it makes until it actually makes them. The most identified part of failure is the fan motor. It may start making clunking sounds or early sounds of giving up. The hardest part of refrigerators is the fact it is nearly impossible to pinpoint what is wrong with it unless we inspect it. Equipment repair sometimes requires more than guesses unfortunately. We have fast response time and would be happy to inspect your fridge. We are your commercial appliance repairs technicians. 

Our clients say

Acts Appliance Repairs helped me out big time. My commercial fridge just ate it out of nowhere during business hours. I got lucky they were able to arrive in just a few hours, I know they get calls and could've been occupied. They were able to install new condenser coils the same-day and I am so thankful nothing bad truly happened. Choose them for your industrial appliance repair.
Bob Cervantez
Satisfied Customer
I don't know how it happened but my employee was able to get our oven door stuck at our bakery. A day later George was able to repair the door hinges and the only ruined was one cake! If you're looking for Oven repairs and a friendly, easy experience call Acts Repairs.
Kristina Lemus
Satisfied Customer
My dryer vent wasn't sucking out the steam and smoke from the oven. George fixed my industrial appliance quickly and without charging me an arm and a leg. Great service!
Charlie Evans
Satisfied Customer
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